Green Tree Games Is Online!
Posted by r-dotFunky on 2013-10-02 23:00:00 CST.


I'm r-dotFunky - your host and everything guy here at Green Tree Games. Thanks for stopping in to check out my brand-spanking new website! Green Tree Games is the culmination of a dream that I had as a small child... a dream that strangely enough took 30 some odd years to realize... or at least... realize it was worth chasing. Needless to say, I'm very happy to finally get this ball rolling.

Being a brand new 1-man studio in a market loaded with incredibly talented indie studios and dominated by multi-million-dollar conglomerates... there's a huge mountain to climb both literally and proverbially. From learning the right (and wrong) way to do things like run a business or develop games and assets for Unity... this will truly be an adventure... one I look forward to taking and invite you to take with me. Win or lose, success or failure I am here to pursue this silly dream, try to do something fun and share what I learn along the way. My hope is that someday this site can become an asset for other aspiring developers be they hobbyist or professional in scope.

There's quite a bit of work to do in setting up yet, so please excuse the dust while the site makes its final transition into a production state. You may encounter some broken links, error messages or other issues so if you do please be patient and know they will be fixed very quickly. The biggest thing coming soon will be the forums; a necessity for every site. You should see those forums come online in the coming days.

Again, thank you for stopping in and please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

~ r-dotFunky

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