YouTube Channel and Unity Asset Store Setup Complete!
Posted by r-dotFunky on 2013-10-09 23:00:00 CST.

Great news!

Green Tree Games has been registered on the Unity Asset Store! Seriously folks - it could not be easier to set yourself up to sell assets. Now to decide what to develop, market and try to sell!

In addition to a Unity Asset Store account, I've setup a YouTube channel for Green Tree Games as well. This is where I will be posting tutorials and any other bits of information I find useful and wish to share. I'm considering a Twitter account as well, but I'm not really a big fan of Twitter. Is it worth it?

Coming Soon!

I'm excited to share information about my very first game - Frog On A Log.

The game will be a casual game starting out on PC and web-player and moving into mobile platforms as I have time and the ability to port them over. The premise of the game is that you are... you guessed it... a frog. You're sitting on a log and your goal is to eat bugs and stay alive. Over time, your health will decrease and the only way to replenish it is to eat bugs. But be careful because each swipe of your tongue also costs you health as well! The upside is that bugs which are closer to you are worth more health, but less points. Bugs which are further away are worth less health but more points. Compete with your friends and see who can survive the longest as a Frog On A Log!

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